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An insulated staple is formed from a U-shaped body member and a piece of flexible, plastic tube, mounted on the body member with the end portions of the tube positioned coaxially on the legs of the staple and with the intermediate portion of the tube extending between the legs and under a bridging section of the body member. The staple is made by cutting a section of plastic tubing from a larger, extended section and piercing the pointed legs of the U-shaped body member through one side wall of the tube into the tube interior. The end portions of the tube are bent into alignment with the parallel legs, and are driven onto the legs following the piercing operation so that the end portions are mounted coaxially on the legs. The intermediate portion of the tube between the points in the side wall pierced by the legs provides insulation between the bridging section of the body member and an electrical or other conduit captured by the staple when in use.

Insulated staple and method of making the same
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July 3, 1974
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July 8, 1975
Cartun Walter P
McCormick Paulding & Huber
Emhart Corporation
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