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Process of converting alcohols, aliphatic mercaptans, aliphatic sulfides, aliphatic halides and/or aliphatic amines to other desirable products by contacting such with a particular type of aluminosilicate molecular sieve catalyst at elevated temperature. Products produced by such conversion vary with temperature, with conversion to aromatic rings and substituted aromatic rings predominating at higher temperatures of about 300.degree. to 500.degree.C. The catalyst is a zeolite having a high silica to alumina ratio of at least about 12 and a constraint index of about 1 to 12. It also preferably has a crystal density in the hydrogen form of not substantially less than about 1.6.

Conversion of alcohols, mercaptans, sulfides, halides and/or amines
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August 9, 1973
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July 8, 1975
Kaeding Warren W
Jurewicz Anthony T
Butter Stephen A
Gilman Michael G
Huggett Charles A
Mobil Oil Corporation
C07C 15/02
B01J 29/70
B01J 29/65
B01J 29/18
B01J 29/00
B01J 29/40
C10G 03/00
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