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Apparatus is disclosed for transferring non-fused xerographic toner images from a first support material, such as a photoconductive insulating surface, to a second support material, such as paper, and fusing the toner images to the second support material. Such apparatus includes an intermediate transfer member having a smooth surface of low surface free energy and a hardness of from 3 to 70 durometers. The intermediate transfer member can be, for example, a 0.1-10 mil layer of silicone rubber coated onto a polyimide support. The member can be formed into belt or drum configuration. Toner images are transferred from the first support material to the intermediate transfer member; this can be by any conventional transfer method, but pressure transfer is preferred. Next, the toner image is heated on the intermediate transfer member to at least its melting point temperature. Preferably the heating is selective, and one means of selectively heating toner is to provide radiant heating means and a belt formed from a transparent silicone rubber on a reflecting intermediate member support. After the toner is heated, second support material is brought into pressure contact with hot toner whereby toner is transferred and fused to the second support material. In preferred embodiments, a pressure applying element is used to provide a pressure pulse which has a steep rise time at the point where the intermediate transfer member and second support material come into contact.A method of transferring and fusing toner images is also disclosed.

Electrophotographic toner transfer and fusing apparatus
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October 4, 1973
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July 8, 1975
Moore Robert A
Buchan William R
Brook David E
Nathans Robert L
Blair Homer O
Itek Corporation
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