3893615 is referenced by 99 patents and cites 13 patents.

A multiple compartment refuse container is provided wherein the compartments have doors both at the top and at the sides of the compartment structure. The refuse container may be used with plastic bags which are easily fastened inside of the container or it may be used with conventional garbage cans. The user of the container merely lifts the top and drops refuse therein and the container is easily emptied by means of side doors. The container is ordinarily built in two or four compartment models but any number of compartments may be employed.

Multiple compartment refuse container
Application Number
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November 1, 1973
Publication Date
July 8, 1975
Johnson William R
Slick Robert G
Peerless Portable Metal Buildings
B65d 91/00
B65F 01/06
B65F 01/04
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