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Apparatus and method of preserving life organs, the apparatus having an organ container in which the organ may be subjected to elevated pressure, a pump pulsatilely delivering perfusate into the organ and an oxygenator to oxygenate the perfusate effluent from the organ. A constant pressure bias maintains a minimum pressure on the perfusate between pulses. A fluid flow control system delivers driving fluid in a pulsed manner to the pump at a selected rate and at selected pulse duration. The method includes delivering pulsed oxygenated perfusate to the organ and uniformly conducting perfusate away from the organ and providing a constant pressure bias on the perfusate. Loss or gain of liquid volume caused by waste secretion by the organ is compensated for.

Preservation of organs
Application Number
Publication Number
Application Date
December 19, 1972
Publication Date
July 1, 1975
Knudson Kay L
Wood Orin Lew
Thorne Gale H
Ellis Garrettson
Baxter Laboratories
C12k 09/00
A61M 01/32
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