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Electrophoretic image reproduction process is disclosed. In this process, a D.C. voltage is uniformly applied across an electrophoretic suspension layer including a dispersion of at least one electrophoretic material in a finely divided powder form suspended in a suspending medium, whereby said D.C. voltage changes the spatial distribution of said electrophoretic material so as to change an optical reflective property of said electrophoretic suspension layer. An electric field in a given image is then applied to said changed suspension layer, whereby said electrophoretic material stricken by said electric field moves electrophoretically and reproduces said given image on said electrophoretic suspension layer.

Electrophoretic image reproduction process
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April 17, 1970
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July 1, 1975
Ota Isao
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
Matsushita Electric Industrial
G03g 13/22
G03G 17/04
G03G 17/00
G02F 01/167
G02F 01/01
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