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A conductive electrode-catheter, biological catheter cannula or the like which is easily inserted into the body and which is effectively anchored into a desired organ or tissue or properly located within a target cavity. The electrode, catheter, or the like incorporates a material, such as a known titanium-nickel alloy, having heat-activated mechanical memory. The device is formed and annealed at high temperature into a shape for effective anchoring or proper location in an organ or other structure of the body. Then at a temperature below its transitional temperature it is reformed into a shape for ease of insertion, and when located in the desired organ or structure is heated above its transitional temperature, thereby returning to its original annealed anchoring or proper locating shape.

Kinetic memory electrodes, catheters and cannulae
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March 1, 1974
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June 24, 1975
Wilson Bruce C
Cushman Darby & Cushman
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