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A tie button for covering and providing ornamentation at the juncture of the lower portion of a necktie knot and the free hanging portion of the tie disposed immediately below the knot is provided. The button includes an ornament body structure defining front and rear sides and the front side of the structure includes characteristics which render the body structure ornamental when viewed from the front side thereof. The rear side of the body structure includes clamp arms which open toward each other and are supported at one pair of adjacent ends from a central portion of the rear side of the ornament body for pivotal movement relative to the body structure about axes disposed at generally right angles relative to a front-to-rear extending path passing centrally through the body structure between closed operative positions with the other pair of ends of the arms swung toward each other and open inoperative positions with the other pair of arm ends swung away from each other. The arms, when in the closed positions, define at least a substantially closed generally circular boundary for disposition about the associated necktie and spring structure is provided for yieldingly biasing the arms toward their operative positions.

Tie button
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July 2, 1974
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June 24, 1975
Leonard Jr Sidney H
Jacobson Harvey B
O Brien Clarence A
Leonard Sr Sidney H
A41d 25/04
A41D 25/00
A41D 25/10
A41D 25/02
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