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A process for the removal of ions of heavy metals such as Cu, Cd, Hg, Pb, Zn, etc. present in water by contacting industrial waste water, sewage, sludge deposits, heavy metalpolluted soil, etc. with coral fossil lime stone, ground into a suitable grain size, naturally occurring in the South Sea Islands, the Okinawas Islands, the Tokunoshima Islands, etc. which has strong power of adsorbing heavy metals in a short time by virtue of its porous surfaces.

Process for removing heavy metal ions in water
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June 6, 1973
Publication Date
June 17, 1975
Kajiyama Yoshiaki
Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner
C02b 01/44
C04B 07/00
B01J 20/06
C02F 01/28
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