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A dishwasher having a single control pushbutton adapted to perform a multiplicity of different dishwashing and dish treating operations. The dishwasher includes an improved automatic control which has the capability to determine an optimum treatment of the dishes in the dishwasher based on the condition of the dishes when they are in the dishwasher. The control not only causes the dishwasher to effect an amount of washing of the dishes necessary to substantially fully clean the dishes irrespective of the condition of the dishes when placed therein, but also may automatically cause the dishes to be merely rinsed and dried where the dishes are only dusty and no washing is required. Structure for receiving suitable charges of dishwashing detergent and the like are incorporated in the dishwasher and the control responds includes means for responding to the provision of such detergent for automatically effecting use of the detergent at the appropriate time in the dishwashing cycle. The control further automatically senses the cleanliness condition of the dishes at the end of each subcycle and automatically controls the length of the drying cycle so as to terminate the drying cycle substantially immediately upon completion of the drying of the dishes.

Control system for dishwasher
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July 17, 1973
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June 10, 1975
Bashark Larry Thomas
Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord
Whirlpool Corporation
B08b 03/02
D06F 39/00
A47L 15/42
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