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A hardenable composition comprising (A) a modified polypentadiene containing at least two hydroxyl groups in its molecular structure and of a hydroxyl value of 70-250, said modified polypentadiene being obtained by introducing the hydroxyl and acyloxy groups to the unsaturated double bonds of a liquid polypentadiene of a number average molecular weight of 300-5,000, (B) an organic diisocyanate compound and (C) a solvent which dissolves the modified polypentadiene and, in addition, is inert to the isocyanate group. The composition excels in coating and adhesive properties when cured.

Hardenable compositions
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December 21, 1973
Publication Date
May 27, 1975
Kimi Atsutane
Yaginuma Hiroshi
Nakagawa Yuji
Yoshimura Hikoji
Sherman & Shalloway
Nippon Zeon
C08g 51/36
C08f 45/36
C08G 18/67
C08K 05/29
C08G 18/00
C08K 05/00
C08C 19/00
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