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At least two methods of swaging one vertical smaller tubular member internally of a larger tubular member are disclosed. One device for practicing the method comprises a cylindrical swage block for loosely fitting in the large tubular member and resting on the upper edge of the inner smaller tubular member. A plurality (preferably six) pistons and cylinders are suspended from the swage block a precise distance below the upper edge and actuatable radially from the longitudinal axis of the smaller tubular member for deforming the upper edge portion thereof against the larger tubular member for providing more working space internally of the tubular members. A modification comprises a plurality as seven axially spaced apart, parallel layers of swaging pistons and cylinders suspended from the swage block.Other new devices utilizing the multiple piston and cylinder swage are a mechanisms for cold-work connecting two telescopic pipe ends together, and a mechanism for making a new pile with anchor knobs for increased load carrying capacity and pull-out resistance.

Method of sealing two telescopic pipes together
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September 28, 1973
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May 27, 1975
Pogonowski Ivo C
Nichols Theron H
Ries C G
Whaley T H
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