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An aircraft cockpit display system which uses a single cathode ray tube or other image generating device to provide both a head-up display, in which a collimated pattern is superimposed on the pilot's field of view through the wind shield, and a multisensor display in which a radar picture or the like is viewed by looking down from the wind shield. The system includes a tube with a face positioned a small distance below the wind shield, a lower semi-reflecting mirror, a collimating lens above the lower mirror, and a combining mirror directly behind the wind shield. The aviator can look through the combining mirror and wind shield to see the collimated tube image superimposed on his field of view through the wind shield, or can look downwardly through the lower mirror to directly view the face of the tube.

Combined head-up multisensor display
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April 30, 1973
Publication Date
May 20, 1975
Fehr Eric R
Wolfson Gerald
Adam Walter J
MacAllister Jr W H
Hughes Aircraft Company
H04n 07/18
G02B 27/00
G02B 27/01
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