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The growth of cells in vitro on semi-permeable, tube-shaped membranes or capillaries is disclosed. Cells are initially allowed to settle onto the outer surfaces of the membranes in a nutrient medium environment while the membranes are continuously perfused by oxygenated nutrient medium flowing through the membranes. Nutrient substances diffuse from the perfusing medium through the membrane wall and into the cells, while cell products diffuse from the cell through the membrane wall into the perfusate from which the cell products may be recovered.

Cell culture on semi-permeable tubular membranes
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February 11, 1974
Publication Date
May 13, 1975
Kidwell William R
Dedrick Robert L
Gullino Pietro M
Knazek Richard A
The United States of America represented by the Secretary of Health
C12k 09/00
C12M 03/06
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