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An apparatus which receives a video signal representative of an image and displays the image in viewable form. In accordance with an embodiment of the invention there is provided a semiconductor substrate having an array of semiconductor devices formed in a surface thereof. Each of the devices is adapted to receive an element of video information as represented by stored charge. Means are provided for sampling the video signal and temporarily storing elemental samples thereof in the semiconductor devices. A layer of electrically deformable material is disposed on the substrate and a conductive means is disposed on the layer of deformable material. The charge pattern of the semiconductor devices creates a field with respect to the conductive means on the surface of the deformable material and this field, in turn, deforms the deformable material effectively causing 'ripples' therein. Optical means are provided for converting these deformations of the deformable material into an image. In a preferred embodiment of the invention the optical system comprises a Schlieren system.

Display using array of charge storage devices
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November 13, 1973
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May 6, 1975
Glenn William E
Olson Spencer E
Novack Martin
Columbia Broadcasting System
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