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A method of extracting immobile hydrocarbons includes the steps of sinking spaced wells into the hydrocarbon formation, fracturing the formation near the bottom of the wells to establish subsurface communication between the wells, passing a heated fluid through the wells and the hydrocarbon formation to obtain a predetermined temperature in the formation and finally passing a solvent material, having the ability to dissolve the immobile hydrocarbon, through the hydrocarbon formation so that the admixture of the solvent and hydrocarbon can be brought to the surface and allowed to solidify into a fuel composition which can be transported at normal atmospheric conditions in solid form and can be easily melted into liquid fuel.

Method of extracting immobile hydrocarbons
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October 12, 1973
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May 6, 1975
Stoddard Xerxes T
Terry Ruel C
Polumbus Gary M
Xerxes T Stoddard
Ruel C Terry
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