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Thin, absorbent pads with soft, flexible edges. The pad structure comprises a fluid pervious non-woven cover sheet, a central absorbent batt of comminuted wood pulp fibers, and a fluid-impervious backing element. Each element is coextensive with the others. The integrity of the central absorbent batt is maintained in the x and y directions by adhering the cover sheet and fluid impervious backing element to the respective top and bottom surfaces of the central batt by light applications of flexible adhesive, and in the z direction by hydrogen bonding of the wood pulp fibers in selected areas. The selected areas of hydrogen bonding comprise a spaced pattern of embossment lines which extend generally longitudinally of the pad and intersect the edges and ends of the pad at spaced intervals. The pad may be adapted for secure placement on a suitable support such as a snug-fitting undergarment by the use of pressure sensitive adhesive on the backing element or by increasing the frictional properties of the bottom side by the use of flexible foam or other friction increasing materials.

Thin, flexible absorbent pads
Application Number
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December 20, 1973
Publication Date
May 6, 1975
Braun Ralph V
Whitehead Howard A
Miller Raymond J
Herrick William D
Hanlon Jr Daniel J
Kimberly Clark Corporation
A61f 13/16
A61F 13/56
A61F 13/15
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