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A contoured, disposable diaper having an absorptive pad of cellulose fiber material smoothly graduated in thickness and absorptive capacity from an area of greatest thickness in the central portion to areas of lesser thickness along both the side and end edges of the diaper. The absorbent cellulose fiber pad is disposed between a fluid-pervious liner sheet of a soft, fibrous, non-woven web material and a fluid-impervious outer or backing sheet of a plastic film such as polyethylene. The liner and backing sheets are fin-sealed together along the side edges of the diaper, whereas at the end edges, the backing sheet is folded around the end of the pad, tucked between the pad and liner sheet and lap-sealed to the liner. Pressure-sensitive tapes serve to secure the diaper on an infant.

Disposable diaper
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August 9, 1973
Publication Date
May 6, 1975
Hanson William E
Delanty John T
Michaelsen Alfred L
International Paper Company
A41b 13/02
A61F 13/15
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