3881408 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 8 patents.

A refuse compactor which includes a housing, a vertically reciprocal compacting ram mounted within the housing, a waste receiving drawer slidable into a compacting position beneath the ram and a filtering system within the housing for neutralizing odors emanating from waste materials deposited in the drawer. The filter system, which may utilize activated charcoal as the deordorizing medium, includes a circulating fan mounted at the intake end of a duct positioned within the housing for circulating air within the housing through the duct and through a filter mounted in the outlet end of the duct. The fan is preferably driven by a two speed motor which may be controlled either manually by a three position switch, or automatically through actuation of the ram and through movement of the drawer.

Compactor and filter system
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February 20, 1974
Publication Date
May 6, 1975
Valor Ben J
Biebel French & Bugg
Hobart Corporation
B30b 15/14
H02P 23/00
H02K 07/06
B30B 01/00
B30B 01/18
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B30B 09/30
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