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A solid state process control computer for continually controlling a plurality of outputs in dependence upon the conditions of a plurality of continually variable input parameters. The controller includes a memory capable of storing a large number of multi-bit words each comprising both an address and an instruction. The memory is scanned on a word-by-word basis at high speed. A central processing means is provided and a data input/output bus is connected both to the input and the output of the central processing means. As each word in the memory is scanned, the instruction portion of each scanned word selectively either enables the central processing means to receive data from the input/output bus or it enables the input/output bus to receive data from the central processing means. The address portion of each scanned word in the memory operatively connects any one of a plurality of registers to the input/output bus. A register may either be connected so as to be responsive to an input parameter or it may be connected so as to control an output device. The memory comprises a matrix having a large plurality of intersections each including a fused diode. The placing of a word in the memory is accomplished by selectively open circuiting one or more of the fused diodes corresponding respectively to the different bits of each word in the memory.The process control computer can also execute a jump instruction in response to variable input data. The jump instruction is implemented, when effective, by inhibiting the central processing unit from writing output data in the output registers. Thus, each of the instructions which are jumped, is read out of memory, and executed as any other instruction, but the result is unable to reach the output registers.

Process control computer
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March 30, 1973
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April 29, 1975
Henry Donald E
Bartlett Peter G
Hall & Myers
Struthers Dunn
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