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A mouthpiece comprises a breath-receiving cup member mounted on a hollow stem member which provides an outlet of the mouthpiece and which is adapted for connection to the inlet of a breath testing device. The stem member has an inlet portion extending inwardly of the cup member and having a closed end directly opposed to the mouth of the subject to be tested when the mouthpiece is in use. Adjacent to the closed end are apertures communicating with the outlet by way of a passage formed in the stem member. The cup member and the inlet portion of the stem member are so dimensioned that the closed end, and thus the apertures, are spaced from both the mouth of the subject and surrounding portions of the cup member.

Mouthpiece for breath testing devices
Application Number
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January 2, 1974
Publication Date
April 29, 1975
Burroughs James E
Jennings Jr James J
Borg Warner Corporation
B01l 11/00
G01N 33/483
G01N 33/497
A61B 05/08
A61B 05/97
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