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There is disclosed an electromagnetic valve incorporated as the pressure medium flow regulator of an antiskid system. The valve body of the valve is connected with the magnetic armature to control the cross-sectional area of pressure medium flow through the valve in a continuous sequence proportional to the magnetic force resulting from the energizing current produced by the electronic circuitry of the antiskid system. By changing the energizing current, it is possible to change the pressure difference between the pressure medium source and the pressure-operated brake. Thus, the hydraulic antiskid control is more accurate and smoother than is achieved with previously employed open/close antiskid hydraulic control valves.

Electromagnetic valve
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November 28, 1973
Publication Date
April 29, 1975
Von Grunberg Hubertus
Kircher Dieter
Fink Werner
Belart Juan
Hill Alfred C
Lombardi Menotti J
O Halloran John T
B60t 08/02
B60T 08/36
F16K 31/06
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