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A cutter with a forwardly and rearwardly displaceable blade which is supported in a blade slide movable from the outside and guided in the handle of the cutter and which blade slide can be selectively arrested in different locking positions. The blade slide which is of substantially trough-shape configuration and receives the blade between two side edges or walls, is guided by its side edges in grooves at the cutter handle. These grooves extend up to the end of the cutter handle. The part of the blade slide receiving the blade is outwardly movable to a location in front of the cutter handle end for the purpose of changing the blade.

Cutter with forwardly and rearwardly displaceable blade
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May 2, 1974
Publication Date
April 29, 1975
Roll Dieter
Kleeman Werner W
B26b 01/08
B26B 05/00
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