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A tactile switch plate for a keyboard comprises a non-conductive member sandwiched between a pair of conductors, the member having a planar body portion provided with a plurality of outwardly deformed carrier portions corresponding in number and spacing to the number and spacing of the keys of the keyboard. Each of the carrier portions is resiliently flexible for movement toward the plane of the body and each carrier portion carries a preferably elastomeric switching member that is adapted to bridge the conductors and establish an electrical circuit between the conductors. The plate and switching members preferably are produced by a molding process and the elastomeric switching members are cured by heat generated by an electrical current.

Tactile keyboard switch assembly with metallic or elastomeric type conductive contacts on diaphragm support
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October 31, 1973
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April 22, 1975
DuRocher Daniel J
DuRocher Gideon A
Learman & McCulloch
Essex International
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H01h 13/70
H01H 13/702
H01H 13/70
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