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Articles, and particular telephone splices, are protectively encased in a material consisting of a low viscosity oil gelled by a block copolymer such as styrene-iosprene-styrene. Addition of polyethylene to the blend reduces the yield shear stress in the gelled compound and also advantageously supplies a desirable high temperature property of nonslump. Component ranges are described. Stratifying the compound within the closure so that the portion contacting splices is soft and plastic while the remainder is stiff and hard, meets a stringent encasement requirement while minimizing oil separation at high operating temperatures.

Encapsulating compound and closure
Application Number
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February 21, 1974
Publication Date
April 22, 1975
Sabia Raffaele Antonio
Fritsch Charles Anthony
Dobbin Donald Patrick
Graves C E
Bell Telephone Laboratories Incorporated
H02g 15/08
H02G 15/10
H02G 15/117
G02B 06/44
H02G 15/18
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