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A treatment to alleviate the symptoms of ichthyosis consisting of topical application of an ointment or lotion containing one or more lower aliphatic compounds having from two to about six carbon atoms, and preferably having .alpha.-carbon functionality is disclosed. The compounds include .alpha.-hydroxy acids, keto acids and esters thereof, and 3-hydroxy butyric acid. The therapeutic composition may include one or more of the compounds present in a total amount of from 1 to 20 percent by weight in either a water or alcohol solution, or an ointment. Topical application to affected areas has been found to achieve complete remission of ichthyotic conditions in humans.

Treatment of ichthyosiform dermatoses
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September 4, 1973
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April 22, 1975
Yu Ruey J
Van Scott Eugene J
LeBlanc & Shur
A61k 27/00
A61K 31/185
A61K 31/22
A61K 31/19
A61K 31/21
A61K 47/06
A61K 47/10
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