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Disclosed herein is an improved method for the detection and determination of haptens by contacting a sample of body fluid with a hapten-enzyme conjugate and a specific binding protein (i.e., antibody) for the hapten. The improvement is characterized in that the nature of the couple in the hapten-protein conjugate used to generate the specific binding protein differs from the couple in the hapten-enzyme conjugate. Also disclosed is a test-pack containing the components required in the test method.

Detection and determination of haptens
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May 1, 1973
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April 22, 1975
Van Weemen Bauke Klaas
Schuurs Antonius Hermanus Wilhelmus Maria
Weisberger Hugo E
Pippenger Philip M
Young Francis W
Akzona Incorporated
C07g 07/02
G01N 33/576
G01N 33/543
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