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A receptacle adapted for permanent mounting in a permanently mounted conventional electrical box mounted in a wall or other suitable supporting surface with the receptacle mounted inwardly of the box compartment, and an interchangable module in the form of an electric switch adapted to fit snugly in the box compartment and having a plurality of plugs projecting out of the back thereof adapted to be oriented and engaged in the respective sockets of the receptacle when the module is inserted into the box compartment in a manner to effect the electrical energization of the module, the module being readily replacable for repair or maintenance by merely unplugging the module by pulling it out of the receptacle and box compartment and then inserting a new module to take its place such that no wires or electrical connections are exposed during the interchange or installation of the module thus protecting an individual from possible electrical shock.

Electric Plug-In Module
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December 4, 1973
Publication Date
April 22, 1975
McKissic George T
H01r 13/60
H01R 13/70
H01H 01/58
H01H 01/00
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