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A connector assembly is disclosed for terminating multi-conductor flat flexible cable with contacts which pierce the cable insulation to make good electrical and mechanical engagement with all types of cable conductors, in particular round wire and stranded wire. Each contact is die stamped from sheet material and has a body portion with a pin or socket electrical termination means extending from one side and a pair of spaced arms extending from another side in cantilever fashion. Forked projections extend from the free end of each arm and are angularly offset with respect to both the plane of the contact and to one another in order to engage in an interdigitated fashion. The connector assembly includes a multi-part housing including a contact block mounted in a housing shell and two mating housing members pivotally mounted in the housing shell and adapted close the contacts on an associated cable and provide strain relief for the cable.

Flat fexible cable connector assembly including insulation piercing contacts
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September 4, 1973
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April 22, 1975
Shaffer Howard Richard
Egan Esq Russel J
AMP Incorporated
H01r 13/58
H01r 11/20
H01R 13/46
H01R 13/58
H01R 11/20
H01R 11/12
H01R 11/11
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