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A device for advancing material through a tube, particularly for advancing waste material through the intestinal tract in the absence or deficiency of peristalsis includes a pair of interconnected longitudinally spaced inflatable member each of which radially expands with increasing internal pressure initially at the proximal end with the expansion extending to the distal end. A bilumenal elongated flexible shaft has lumens which extend from and communicate with respective expansion members and are connected to a fluid pressure source and exhaust through a periodically reversed four way sequencing valve to effect an inflation and deflation cycle in which the trailing expansion member is inflated with the deflation of the leading expansion member followed by the deflation of the trailing member and the inflation of the leading member to complete a single material advancing cycle which is periodically repeated.

Device for advancing material through a tube
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August 9, 1973
Publication Date
April 15, 1975
Choy Daniel S J
Wolder & Gross
A61b 19/00
F04b 43/10
F04b 43/08
F04B 43/00
F04B 43/113
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