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A hollow heat insulating door for a cooking oven and the like in which the insulating effect is achieved by a combination of an internal dead air space and an internal heat absorbing black body baffle adjacent to the viewing openings through the door. The disclosure also includes a door for a cooking oven in which aligned inner and outer glass panes are provided for viewing the interior of the oven with one of the panes being semi-opaque with artificial light within the oven shining through but outer natural light being substantially barred when the interior artificial light is absent.

Oven door
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February 1, 1974
Publication Date
April 15, 1975
Ford Thomas D
Lotz Larry C
Hofgren Wegner Allen Stellman & McCord
Whirlpool Corporation
F23m 07/04
F24C 15/04
F24C 15/02
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