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A method and apparatus are provided for external fixation of bone fractures. The method comprises inserting at least one pin in each major fragment of bone with a portion of the pins extending above the skin surface, drawing the pins toward one another and applying a bridge to the pins to hold them in place under compression parallel to the bone being repaired. The apparatus is at least two elongated pins adapted to be inserted at one end into the bone on opposite sides of a fracture, bridge means engaging the other ends and compression means acting on the pins generally parallel to the bone.

Methods and apparatus for external fixation of bone fractures
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November 14, 1972
Publication Date
April 15, 1975
Murray William M
Buell Blenki and Ziesenheim
A61f 05/04
A61B 17/64
A61B 17/66
A61B 17/60
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