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A safety paper composition is provided for protective documents in which a stabilized dye in the colloidal size range is dispersed. The dye which is substantially masked from view is sensitive to liquid ink eradicators such as bleach solutions and organic solvents in which the dye is soluble. A dye formulation is also provided, the dye being alcohol-soluble but which is stabilized with an alkaline agent, e.g., caustic soda, to render it water insensitive so that it can be easily dispersed together with either potassium iodide or manganese sulfate in a paper pulp slurry without dissolving away in the water and without coloring the paper to any substantial degree.

Method and means for protecting documents
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May 14, 1973
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April 8, 1975
Lozano Ernesto B
Sandoe Hopgood & Calimafde
D21h 05/10
D21H 21/40
D21H 21/46
B41M 01/36
B41M 01/26
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