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An electronically controlled gaming machine having poker-like rules of play, the machine comprises a matrix of card memory stages in rows and columns, each memory stage having three conditions and an output which is energised in one of the conditions. An indicator device includes a plurality of indicators one connected to each memory stage for illumination, when the output of the associated memory stage is energised. A dealing unit provides five sequential impulses to energise a random selection of five of the memory stages to represent five cards being dealt. A card return unit allows up to three of the memory stages so energised to be de-energised and subsequently blocked from re-energisation and the dealing unit can then be reoperated randomly to energise different memory stages until five stages are energised. Control circuits connected to the rows and columns of the memory stage matrix then determine the score in accordance with poker-like rules.

Gaming machine
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September 20, 1973
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April 8, 1975
Tschernev Russi
Uri Peter
Straszer Wolfgang
Wachtler Gunter
Brisebois & Kruger
A63f 09/00
A63F 01/00
G07F 17/32
G06F 19/00
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