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In accordance with an illustrative embodiment of the present invention, a drill stem testing apparatus that utilizes inflatable packer elements to isolate an interval of the borehole includes a uniquely arranged pump that is adapted to supply fluids under pressure to the elements in response to upward and downward movements of the pipe string extending to the surface. The pump includes an inner body structure connected to the packing elements and a telescopically disposed outer housing structure connected to the pipe string, said structures defining a working volume into which well fluids are drawn during downward movement, and from which fluids under pressure are exhausted and supplied to the packing elements during upward movement, the intake passages to the pump being backflushed during each upward movement to prevent clogging by debris in the well fluids. Uniquely arranged pressure equalizing and packer element deflating valve apparatus also is disclosed herein.

Inflatable packer drill stem testing apparatus
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October 29, 1973
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April 8, 1975
Nutter Benjamin P
Moore Stewart F
Sherman William R
Moseley David L
Schlumberger Technology Corporation
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