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A method and apparatus for closing off a septal defect or shunt in the intravascular system or the great vessels including a pair of opposed, umbrella-like elements locked together in face-to-face relationship on opposite sides of the septal defect, thereby closing it. The dual umbrella-like closure elements are sequentially applied and joined together via an outer catheter inserted into the interior of the heart by means of the jugular vein in the neck or a vein in the groin along with other associated operative elements used within the outer catheter, thereby eliminating the need for open-heart surgery to correct a septal defect or shunt as was heretofore required. For a ventricular septal defect a single umbrella-like element is used which is temporarily held in place by an operative element which is subsequently removed.

Shunt defect closure system
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February 12, 1973
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April 1, 1975
Mills Noel L
King Terry D
Pugh & Laiche
Alton Ochsner Medical Foundation
A61b 17/04
A61F 02/24
A61B 17/00
A61M 25/00
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