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A downrigger line release device for a trolling system to suspend a fishing lure at a desired depth in the water. A magnet body is fixedly or slidably attached to a downrigger cable supporting a weight beneath the water surface. A magnetic line release means is magnetically engaged with said magnet body and is secured to a fishing line a desired distance ahead of a lure to support the lure at the depth of the magnet body on the downrigger cable. The line release means is separable from the magnet body by the force of a fish striking the lure to permit the fisherman to play the hooked fish without interference of the downrigger cable and weight.

Downrigger line release
Application Number
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Application Date
April 3, 1974
Publication Date
April 1, 1975
Larson Raymond D
Engstrom Harry C
Winter John M
Long Theodore J
A01k 91/04
A01K 91/08
A01K 91/00
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