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A gas discharge indicator module comprises a flexible strip printed circuit with a flat alphanumeric gas discharge indicator tube connected at one end, a multiple contact electrical connector fastened at the other end, and the electronic circuit components associated with the indicator tube connected to the flexible printed circuit strip between the indicator tube and the electrical connector with the appropriate circuit interconnections effected by the printed wiring. The flexible printed assembly is folded in accordian fashion with the flat indicator tube and the electrical connector at either end of the folded assembly and parallel to one another. The folded assembly is inserted into a case whereby the flat indicator tube is viewable at the front of the case and the electrical connector is disposed at the rear of the case for making electrical connection to the indicator module.

Indicator module and method of manufacturing same
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August 8, 1973
Publication Date
March 25, 1975
Leyba Manuel R
McCormack J J
Steinmeyer R J
Beckman Instrument
H05k 05/00
H05K 01/18
H05K 07/14
H05K 07/18
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