3871624 is referenced by 33 patents and cites 4 patents.

At least one fluid medium is passed in uniflow relation through one or more filler elements comprising layers which contact one another and bound flow channels, the longitudinal axes of the flow channels in each layer extending substantially parallel to one another at least in groups, the longitudinal axes of the flow channels in adjacent layers being inclined relatively to one another, the flow channels of at least any two adjacent layers being at least partly open towards one another.

Mixing apparatus and method
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May 18, 1972
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March 18, 1975
Schutz Gerhard
Huber Max
Kenyon & Kenyon Reilly Carr & Chapin
Sulzer Brothers
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B01F 05/06
B01J 16/00
B01J 15/00
B01J 19/32
B01J 19/30
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