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The regenerative incinerator systems of the present invention provide means for purging of regenerative incinerators of odorous or untreated air or gas and reintroducing such purged air back into the system to remove any contaminants therefrom prior to being discharged into the atmosphere. In one form of the invention, three regenerators are provided, two of which are in operation at any one time while the third regenerator receives a small purge of purified air to force out any untreated or contaminated air therefrom and discharge into a combustion chamber where the contaminants are oxidized and the purged air is mixed with the main air flow for discharge from the system with the main air flow. In another form of the invention, a partially evacuated surge chamber may be used for removal of the contaminated air from the regenerators when the flow of air through the regenerators is reversed. The contaminated air received from the regenerators is evacuated from the surge chamber in preparation for the next cycle and discharged through the inlet regenerator into a combustion chamber for oxidation of the contaminants therein and mixing of the purified air with the main air flow for discharge from the system.

Regenerative incinerator systems for waste gases
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November 13, 1972
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March 11, 1975
Houston Reagan
Donnelly Maky Renner & Otto
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