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A method and apparatus for converting nitrogen dioxide to nitric oxide for the ultimate reaction with ozone to cause a chemiluminescent reaction, the intensity of which is a function of the nitric oxide concentration. The method comprises passing the nitrogen dioxide through a small, confined volume and applying concentrated heat to the volume in the presence of suitable amounts of vitreous carbon. In one preferred embodiment the apparatus includes a quartz container and a filament constructed of vitreous carbon. In an alternative embodiment, loose vitreous carbon or a vitreous carbon rod is confined within the quartz container, and heat is applied by a heated stainless steel or nichrome filament surrounding the quartz container.

Nitrogen dioxide analysis
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June 16, 1972
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March 11, 1975
Neti Radhakrishna M
Harder P R
Steinmeyer R J
Beckman Instruments
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