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Resilient surfaces are provided, which are easy to apply and have excellent tensile properties. A castable mixture is prepared combining a nonvolatile oil-based extender, resilient aggregate, carbon black, and a polyurethane prepared from diols, the major portion of which is a diol of from about 1,000 to 5,000 molecular weight, wherein the hydroxyl groups of the diol are joined by long-chain hydrocarbon groups substantially free of hetero atoms in the chain itself. The resilient surface sets up quickly to a useful surface and will generally be no greater than about 2 inches in depth.

Resilient oil-extended polyurethane surfaces
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December 11, 1972
Publication Date
March 4, 1975
Goodrich Joseph L
Sapp George G
Fehringer B G
Tonkin C J
Magdeburger G F
Chevron Research Company
C08g 51/28
C08G 18/65
C08L 75/00
C08L 75/14
C08G 18/00
C08K 13/02
C08K 13/00
E01C 13/06
E01C 13/00
C08G 18/69
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