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This invention integrates a spectrometer capability with the basic imagery function of facsimile cameras without significantly increasing mechanical or optical complexity, or interfering with the imaging function. The invention consists of a group of photodetectors arranged in a linear array in the focal plane of the fascimile camera with a separate narrow band interference filter centered over each photodetector. The interference filter photodetector array is on a line in the focal plane of the facsimile camera along the direction of image motion due to the rotation of the facsimile camera's vertical mirror. As the image of the picture element of interest travels down the interference filter photodetector array, the photodetector outputs are synchronously selected and sampled to provide spectral information on the single picture element. The selection of the proper photodetector and data sampling is controlled by information derived from the servo system controlling the vertical mirror rotation.

Spectrometer integrated with a facsimile camera
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August 2, 1973
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March 4, 1975
Kelly IV William L
Katzberg Stephen J
Jobson Daniel J
Burcher Ernest E
Manning John R
King William H
Osborn Howard J
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