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An apparatus for dispensing and holding carrying bags comprising an apparatus frame, a bag magazine for a supply of individual bags and a carrier means. A bag pick-up and holding means is supported reciprocably on the carrier means in a vicinity directly opposite the magazine rail means, and the pick-up means is operative to move substantially horizontally from an initial position to the foremost bag stored in the magazine and engage particular serrations or cut-outs in the outermost bag panel only. When the carrier means including the pick-up means returns to the initial position a bag is dispensed and held in open position suspended between the magazine rail means and the pick-up means.

Opener and holder for bags
Application Number
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November 17, 1972
Publication Date
March 4, 1975
Wang Herman
Wenderoth Lind & Ponack
B65b 43/28
B65B 67/12
B65B 67/00
B65D 33/00
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