3869034 is referenced by 13 patents and cites 9 patents.

A carrying case for clothing and apparel having compartments at opposite sides of a center panel respectively (1) to accommodate garments held on hangers and folded when the case is closed but extended when the case is open and suspended, and (2) to contain one or more trays to hold apparel and the like and arranged to be extended horizontally when the case is open and suspended. An elongated horizontal compartment is provided adjacent the normal top panel of the case which extends for the full width thereof. A cover of flexible material encloses the case and has side panels adapted to be unfastened to expose and permit opposite sides of the case to be opened when suspended with the normal bottom of the case disposed uppermost.

Wardrobe apparel case
Application Number
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Application Date
January 29, 1973
Publication Date
March 4, 1975
Thornton Jr Henry M
Just C Hercus
A47b 61/06
A47b 61/02
A45C 05/03
A47B 61/06
A47B 61/00
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