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In the production of cables covered with a cross-linked material by feeding a conductor and a cross-linkable material covering the conductor through a long land portion of an extruding die unit, the length and the operational temperature in the land portion being selected so that the cross-linking reaction is substantially completed within the land portion, and cooling the cross-linked material within a cooling device housing a pressurized cooling fluid therein, an improved process within the aforementioned feeding of the conductor is carried out under a braking force counteracting a pull generated along the cable by the pressurized cooling fluid.

Production of electrical conductors covered with crosslinked material
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December 15, 1972
Publication Date
February 25, 1975
Takahashi Kiyoshi
Fuwa Masaru
Matsui Masatake
Ootsuji Masaaki
Armstrong Nikaido & Wegner
Dainichi Nihon Densen Kabushiki Kaisha
Mitsubishi Petrochemical
B29f 03/10
H01B 13/06
H01B 13/14
B29C 47/88
B29C 47/00
B29C 47/02
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