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A composite panel laminate is produced having dense tough outer fibrous skins and a core of relatively coarse fibrous material. The skin on the indented side is unbroken and of substantially uniform thickness throughout such indented side. The panel is made by first preforming from a pulp slurry a web having substantially the same contour and configuration as the desired indented panel side, transferring said preformed web while still moist onto a matrix mold platen having a surface pattern complementary with the one side of the panel laminate, depositing a layer of desired loose core material over said web, covering said layer with a second moist web and then curing the assembly under heat and pressure to finish form said panel.

Method of making a composite panel laminate having deep indentations
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November 15, 1972
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February 25, 1975
Wheeler Robert G
Buckhorn E A
Wood Processes Oregon
D21f 13/00
E04D 03/35
E04D 01/00
E04D 01/26
D21J 05/00
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