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An improved table structure capable of adopting various surgical operation positions as well as positions for X-ray and image intensifier examinations includes a base, a vertical supporting frame, carrier means pivotably mounted at the upper end of the supporting frame, and patient-receiving serially interconnected panels. Means are provided in the carrier means for longitudinally displacing the panels with respect to the supporting frame in such a way that a complete examination of a patient is possible without any need of moving him so that body areas ordinarily hidden to examination due to the structure of conventional tables may now be reached. The table structure also includes novel mechanisms for effecting various pivotal movements of the panels with respect to one another or with respect to the carrier means. Also provided is a novel manual control device for actuating the hydraulically operated parts of the table structure to achieve the various examination and surgical operation positions.

Surgical and examination table structure
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April 24, 1973
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February 25, 1975
Purkhardt Cesar
Roy Yvon
Pageot Jacques
Cushman Darby & Cushman
Millet Roux & Cie Ltee
A61g 13/00
A61G 13/00
A61G 13/02
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