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An improved fixed-rate cardiac pacer or stimulator adapted for human implantation which utilizes, as its power source, a single, rechargeable cell battery which is recharged through the patient's skin by magnetic induction. The rechargeable battery supplies operating energy to transistorized pulse generating circuitry which is of simplified and fail-safe design effective to produce periodic heart stimulating output pulses at a controlled pulse rate. The electronic pulse generating circuitry is purposely designed such that the output pulse rate varies as a function of the battery voltage and also as a function of body temperature. The mechanical design of the rechargeable pacer or stimulator is compact in order to reduce volume and weight of the device; it is constructed of materials making it more acceptable to human implantation; and, it is hermetically sealed to prevent the infusion of body fluids and at the same time provide shielding against electromagnetic interference.

Fixed rate rechargeable cardiac pacemaker
Application Number
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June 18, 1971
Publication Date
February 25, 1975
Fischell Robert E
Lacey John S
Archibald Robert E
The Johns Hopkins University
A61n 01/36
A61N 01/378
A61N 01/365
A61N 01/372
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