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A hemostatic clip and an applicator therefor in which the clip is formed of a pair of elongate strips defining spaced opposing arms interconnected at one end and open at the other end, with each of the arms having a plurality of teeth members on opposing faces, with the teeth members being spaced along the lateral edges of the faces. The invention further includes a forceps-type applicator comprising a pair of elongate members defining jaw portions at one end and gripping members at the other end, with one of the elongate members having an intermediate portion defining a cam member and a lip and the other of the elongate members having a slot intermediate thereof and having two raised members at the lateral edges of the slot, with the raised surfaces having profiles corresponding to the profiles of the cam member and the lip when the jaws of the applicator are in gripping relationship with a hemostatic clip. The applicator also includes a cantilever spring overlying the raised surfaces, the lip and the cam member to thereby resiliently maintain the applicator in an intermediate open position to grip a hemostatic clip.

Hemostatic clip and applicator therefor
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October 27, 1972
Publication Date
February 25, 1975
Samuels Peter B
Le Vaux Rene G
Wood Ernest C
A61b 17/08
A61b 17/12
A61B 17/12
A61B 17/122
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